Happy Turkey Day!

Today is thanksgiving and i hope everyone realizes how much they have and how blessed they are. I think often times, thanksgiving is over looked, and we rush right into Christmas. For example, yesterday i put Christmas lights up and made a Christmas wishlist..but then i realized, i hadn't even thanked God for what i allready had. Thanksgiving is known for the food, and thats good and yummy, but i think we especially need to be thankful for everything we have..even the little things. Thomas S. Monson said this, "Sincerely giving thanks; not only helps us recognize our blessings, but it also opens the doors of heaven."  I think everyone has days where they complain about things and aren't grateful for what they have..but thats what this time of year is for...to change that! To be thankful. To give thanks. And to help others in need. May we all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy the delicious meals, but dont forget how blessed you are and how lucky you have it. And never forget that somewhere in the world, a child is starving. So eat with love, and pray for those kind of people. Happy Turkey Day everyone!!

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