Guess What?!

I just realized that it has been 1 complete year that i have had my braces off. I'm liking this. Its crazy how time flies. Just 1 year ago, i went to a different school, had different hair, had braces on, and i was shorter. Crazy, i know.
Okay so my current christmas playlist consists of the following.

Drummer Boy-Justin Bieber ft. Busta
I'll Be Home For Christmas-Micheal Buble
Mistletoe-Justin Bieber
Christmas-Micheal Buble
Silent Night-David Archuleta
The Perfect Christmas-TCG
Joy To The World-David Archuleta
and of course
Christmas Shoes

I love Christmas Music, and i'm soooo ready for Christmas time!!!
Oh and for all those fellow bloggers out there that know Brittany Holman, she says 'hello' And for those of you who don't know her...get to know her!!! She is great.
Ok, bye bye now.

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