Ges wut time it iz..

..it's No Shave November. Am i gonna do it? Hecka Yessa! Ha, i'm stoked! Me and a few friends are going to see who gets harrier legs. It's practically a sport. Gross? Yes. And yes we are proud of it(:

So family. here is a lovely update on life. I'm great. The fam is great. {as far as i know} School is great. Boys are great. Friends are great. Life is just great. I love high school so much. I feel much older, even tho i'm just a little softy..but whatev. But ya it's pretty great.
Okay enough with that stuff. I have a story to tell...enjoy it and love it. I posted it on my old blog, but now it's on this one. It's a Christmas story, but i'm too excited to wait till then, so here it is:

One Christmas a boy named Jim got a Christmas book from his class. Jim was 8 and he loved Santa Claus. He went home and looked through the story book, looking at the beautifully painted pictures. He turned a page a saw a picture of Santa smoking a pipe, Jim immediatly ran into the kichen to his mother cooking dinner and said, "Mom, i thought Santa was a good man, i thought he was mormon like us." His mom asked him what he was talking about and Jim then showed her the picture. She hesitated for a second and then replied, "Maybe he wasn't raised in the church...maybe he doesn't know what us mormons are about. Don't worry about it sweetie. Do you want to help with dinner?" "No mom, i need to think." Jim then ran off to his room.
Later that night Jim called his mom and dad into his room. They both walked in and kneeled by his bed. Jim pulled a ball of newspaper out from behind his back and said, "I want to give Santa this for Christmas." "What is it?" his mom asked. "Its a pair of my scriptures. I think Santa should know about us mormons." Jims dad replied saying, "I think thats a great idea, i will go get some ribbon and a bow and we can make it look pretty. Then you can write your testimony in the inside cover of them, we will also put our phone number in it." So jim and his parents decorated the newspaper wrapped scriptures untill it was good enought for Santa.
The next day Jim went to the near by mall to sit on Santa's lap. When it was his turn Santa asked, "What would you like for Christmas?" Jim responed quickly and then ran off to his mom. "Nothing, i just want to give you this. Merry Christmas!" Jim then scurried off to his mom and they left.
Santa was confused and in aww, but went on talking to other kids.
Later that night the phone wrang and Jims dad answered it. "Jim, its for you." he yelled. Jim ran and said, "Hello!" "Hello, this is Santa Claus, i was wondering if i could come over to your house and meet your parents tonight?" Santa said. "Yes, yes, you can. Let me ask my dad." Jim asked his dad and his dad said yes, so Jim responed to Santa, "Yep you can come, i asked my dad and he said yes, and if its ok with him, than its ok with mom." "Ok then i will see you in a bit then." Chuckled Santa.
Jims parents called him into the kichen, "We need to talk about Santa bud..." Jims mom said. Jim replied "Mom, if you are trying to tell me that the Santa at the mall isn't real, i allready know that. His beard was totally fake. I allready know he is only one of Santas helpers." Jim responded. "Well than you made this conversation easy. The Santa in the mall is just a college boy." His mom said. "Ya i figured. He was too skinny to be the real Santa anyway." Jim replied.
It is now February
"Jim, John is here. Hurry up, we need to be to the church on time." Jim ran out of the bathroom where he was combing his hair and ran a jumped into Johns arms and said, "Your the best Santa helper in the world!" "And, your the best missionary in the world!" John said. John was the Santa Clause that Jim had givin the scriptures to, and today was the day John was getting babtised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Jim was a true missionary!

Let's all be like Jim. The world will be a better place(:

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