It is coming up. 11-11-11 at 11:11 to the 11th second. What will you be doing? My choices are; The Loft Par-tay, Hangin with Jalyn and Em, Toilet Papering, Or Movie night with some homies.
I'm thinkin that i will do a little bit of everything? Eh?
Yes, this only happens like, once in forever, so make tonight legendary. Party hard. Kiss. Hug. Dance. Sing. Make this night as if it is the last night of your life! I dare you.
Okay enough about 11. I just need to say that boys are amazing. They can be smelly, mean, confusing, wierd, and annoying, but after all that, they rock. my. world. I love em'. Agreed? Us girls, can't live with em, can't live without em. It's technically a disease.

That's teen love right there.
I believe in love the thought of love.
I'm excited to fall into it one day. It will be great.
And my secret obbsession is love quotes. They make my life.
Enough love. I'm thankful for my vehicles. Whenever i'm in one of my cars, i always drive past pedestrians and it makes me thankful. Yes i'm quite lazy, but hey, i can be. But ya, i like cars.
my dream cars:
Silver Mustang
Red charger
And of course the one and only ferarri with suicide doors
Can't wait to drive!

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