Boy, Oh Boy...

Sometimes people are stupid. Here is a story. I had a friend. I had a jacket. The friend liked the jacket. I let her borrow the jacket. We got in a fight. A few days later, i went to get the jacket back. Guess what she did with it? She sold it at Plato's closet, and then bought a new pair of ugly boots. The jacket was a black leather, 80 dollar jacket, that i bought. I was pissed. Sometimes i just can't stand people. Like, really? That was just pathetic. I try not to let things bother me, but sometimes, i just gotta let it out. Oh and then, when she told me that she sold it, she laughed. Let me just tell ya, make good friends, that won't be a jerk to you.
Okay, also, there is this other girl. Everytime i say something about a guy, she's like, "Oh i love him! We are like bff's!" She always has to be better than me, and she can't ever just shoosh and listen. It's so annoying. I'd be lying if i say that i'm not jelous...but she does bug me. alot. I just don't understand people sometimes. Lets just say, girls are drama. I am a girl myself, and i am dramatic at times, but i at least respect people. I don't know, maybe i'm over reacting, but i don't think people use their noggins sometimes.
Well on a happier note, i'm not sick anymore! I went to school today, and it was great! I am stressing about all the homework i have to do today, but whatever, at least it's a weekend.
Today i am thankful for good, nice, happy friends. I love my friends. They make me smile, and they make me happy. And they help me be a better person. I just love em'. So thank goodness i have them that i can vent with, plus i have a blog...so it all works out. Anywho, if you actually read this whole thing, good job. Well have a fantastic friday everybody.(:

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