Spring Break 2011

here are the pictures finally. first off. the 5 hour drive.
Then we walked and walked
Then we ate at this delicious place.
 Did a little of this.
 And some of this.
 We saw lots of lovely creatures.

 We visited this lovely lady. My sister Kasey. We spent one of the days with her.
 Then we hiked. Which was by far my favorite part of the whole trip.
 There were these rocks everywhere, for miles on end. It was awesome.
 Went to grandmas house.
 Cooled off at this fun water park.
 It was super cold.
 Then we got ice cream.
 Went on more fun hikes.
 We even worked out a little. Haha
 My grandpa came along.
 Jordan was "re-born" Haha Sorry, that probably wasn't neccessary.
 Went out to eat with meg. Olive Garden was her choice.
Overall, it was a fun trip. St. George is where it's at!!!

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