My Feelings.

Okay so i need to vent a little. I'm a teenage girl, so here comes the lovely drama. Yep.
Okay, first off, i really dislike when i see a really attractive feller, and then i see him with another lovely lady. Its quite depressing, and it makes me sad. Especially when its a really nice, kind, funny, loving guy. Ya, that happens alot. Sad day.
Second, i hate stupid little ladies. Teenage girls are the worst. Can i get an amen? They are just so obnoxious and dramatic. Yes, i am one myself, so yes i am bagging on myself too, but its true. Girls in high school are just flat out redonculous!
Third, I don't like when i compliment somebody, and they just give me a dirty evil glare. It makes me sad. I mean, i was just tryin to be nice, ya know? I guess those type of people just dont want to be complimented.
And finally, i hate when people always bag on themselves. We all have insecurities, but if we always point them out, then they will never go away. And its really depressing to be with someone who is always sad and self concious.
Anyways, that was my monday venting. Thanks for listening.

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