Fall Break!

I'm super dooper excited for fall break! My mom, my two brothers and i, are all going up to st.george! You know what that means? Warm weather! I also will get to see Megan and my other sister Kasey! And my other sister Brittany is coming home from her mission in China this weekend too, so we will get to see her also! It'll be a lovely weekend will lots of lovely people! I'm ewber excited!
The part i'm not looking forward to is the long 4 hour drive there. And knowing my family, it;ll probably end up being a 5-6 hour drive. It's gonna suck. But luckily my mom has good taste in music, so i can listen and sleep. It'll be okay i guess.
I will take lots of pictures and then i'll post em' all up when i get home next sunday. It'll be amazing.
Have a great fall break to you all. Post ya later!

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