Day 10

Finally. Day 10. 10 secrets. This is gonna be a hard one.

1. I am rediculously OCD. I like everything to be perfect.
2. I have a terrible memory. I pretend i remember things, but really, i forget everything!
3. I am a natural brunette. Buti'm blonde at heart.
4. I am a terrible cook. I can't even make top romen. It's pretty sad.
5. I like the smell of paper towels. IDK why. And i like to suck on rocks after it rains. Wierd? Yes!
6. I licked the road once. I was like 8, and i wanted to see what it tasted like. Wasn't that bad actually.
7. I have an insanly fast mitabalism. I am always hungry and i eat alot.
8. I hate milk. It's nasty.
9. I have always wanted to learn how to shoot a gun. I just have a desire to know how to do that, and i want to own a gun someday.
10. I used to get the words pedestrian and prostitute mixed up. Ya, it was embarrassing.

Did you learn something new? Haha

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