About 2 weekends ago, i went to trafalga with my little brother and my cousin. We went lazer tagging first and then we went outside to cool down. We saw the water boat, and so we thought, 'why not?' So we went. And we got WET! Our makeup was everywhere!! It was rediculous! We got some pretty wierd glares. This was after the water boats when we were in line for the go carts. Obviously.
Josh tried to squeeze in a few pix. He's a cutie.

There were 2 cute boys that were there at the same time as us, and so we were enjoying them alot. They are in this next picture. In the backround. And josh is still trying to get in the picture and i didn't even notice. Haha.

Next stop...Marry-go-round!

We had quite a good time. (:

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