I'm lovin it all!

I'm soaking high school right up. I love every minute of it. The classes, the teachers, the social part, the boys, lunch, the halls, the homework. Everything is good. I am excited to wake up in the morning and get all ready for the new day. It's exciting. I love seeing old and new faces, making new friends, and meeting new people. The best is when i'm walkin down the hall and somebody compliments me. It always makes my day happier. And then it makes me wanna be nice to somebody else. Chain reaction folks. I've decided to never leave high school. Nahh, im just kiddin. That wouldn't be good. But it is seriously that great! Life is great too. After school when i return home, i get an hour+ all tomyself. Yep i'm home alone. It's actually quite relaxing. I just do whatever. Practice piano, eat, t.v., homework, and whatever else i feel like doing at the time. Then Jordan arrives home and then Josh. And a little later, my parents. It's nice to have that time alone. Soothing i call it. All in all, life's been grand. Happier than ever. But i do realize i haven't been blogging much. But i will soon. Even though i'm pretty posative no one reads it. Hah! It's like my journal i guess. But i really do enjoy posting so i will more. For anyone who cares.(: Anywho, i wanted to post more pictures, but i currently can't find my camera. Disorganized? I know. But i'll find it eventually. Well i guess i am done now. Love ya'll. 

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