I'm just sayin.

Okay, so i have just been thinking about what sophmore year is going to be like, and i've realized that i really am going to try hard this year to be myself and not let anyone control me. You know how sometimes you do things or buy things or say things, just cuz everyone else is...i hate that. I'm my own person, ya know?! For example, when i was shopping, i was looking at the toms and i realized, i don't even like them atall. I wasn't gonna pay 50 bucks for something i didn't even like. So im gonna be like that with everything now!Yes i am stubburn...is that spelt correctly? Well anyways, i think eveyone should be their OWN person, and not worry what others think. Its funner to live like that anyway!!! I have also realized that i am more worried about what my parents think of me then anyone else...wierd huh? IDK, i just am going to work on that this year. !It's not what you have that holds you back, its what you dont. !Normal...its only a setting on the washer. !Be yourself, only someone you can be. I love all those quotes!!! Anyways, i guess i'm done with this post...i just felt like sayin it like it is. Just sayin. (:

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  1. I absolutely agree! Why try to be someone you're not.


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