The 1st Week of High School..

..was AWESOME! I love high school!
1. Cuter boys. (Who can drive...pow!)
2. I feel older and smarter.
3. Better teachers. (Especially seminary teachers...no offence.)
4. More people.
5. Only 6 more months till driving and dating!
6. Less drama.
7. Bigger lockers. (Even though i can't even open mine): lol)
8. Longer lunch.
9. Advisory.
10. Less books to carry around. (Well. so far at least...)
But the best part is the cuter, older, stronger, buffer, nicer, taller, driving, tuff, sportsey GUYS(:
They are amazinggg! The only thing thats harder, is not knowing everyone in your class like jr. high, and not knowing where to go in those huge halls. I found myself asking, "Am i upstairs or downstairs?" Its just so big...but so worth it!
1st week. Success!!!

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