So a little more about me...
I am 15. My birthday is February 29, 1996.
I like to eat. Alot.
I like to do makeup.
I LOVE boys.
I like to goof off.
I like clothes.
I am funny.
I like to listen to music quite loudly.
I like every kind of music except rap.
I like to play soccer. My posision is forward.
I like to make people happy.
I like to talk.
i like 2 txt alot :)
I like to dye my hair.
I hate milk.
I love brocolli.
I am pretty good at guitar hero.
I play the piano. Kinda.
I am a hard core Bieber fan.
I like to paint my nails.
I like to hang out with friends.
I like to shop.
I can't think of much else.
This blog is going to be kinda sorta like my "online journal". So here we go!  :)

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